About Angelo

Angelo Perrone has been painting in mixed media for the last 50 years.  His recent studies called “Impressions of Nature” celebrate his love of natural beauty.  Angelo is especially involved with the changes of seasons in our New England area. Elements seen in his paintings are leaves, grass, and natural elements instead of the usual brush in the Plein Aire manner. Painting in this manner, rather than from photographs, gives the artwork a quality of being truthful to nature and conveys an atmosphere and feeling of a place that is not achievable by any other means.  When viewing a Plein Aire painting, you can almost imagine yourself in the scene. Angelo’s brush strokes used in various paintings of his are oriental in flavor; stemming from his much acclaimed ability as a calligraphist.

     Angelo’s paintings serve as a visual vehicle to transport you to another time and place, striking a pleasant memory, or to spark a factious and imaginary experience.

Mr. Perrone was educated at the prestigious Cooper Union Art School in New York City.  He received a BFA in Fine Arts.  Furthermore, Angelo won a scholarship to study painting at Oxford University in Oxford, England.  After his studies, Angelo pursued a career as a book designer and Art Director for Select Editions at the Reader’s Digest for over 35 years.

Angelo has had countless exhibits throughout his years.  He first had two one man exhibits for the Wilton Arts Council  in 2001 and had another in 2004.  Angelo then had a combined show with his son at the White Silo Barn Gallery in Sherman, CT for the spring of ‘07.  In summer 2007, he exhibited in a combined show at the Mahopac Library in New York, and exhibited at the Haight-Brown Gallery and Winery in Litchfield, CT during the winter in 2008.  Over 50 of Angelo’s paintings  are currently on exhibit in the new Professional building at 100 Oxford Road in the quaint town of Oxford, Connecticut. Continuing with his exhibits, Angelo had had a one man show at the Matterhorn Inn West Dover Vermont in summer 2008, which was followed by a joint show in fall 2008 with a return to the White Silo Winery  in Sherman, CT.  Beyond Angelo’s exhibits, his nature and landscape paintings are part of many private collections in the United States and abroad.

In the past few years, Angelo has been experimenting with new styles of art.  He had a show again at the White Silo Winery & Gallery.  Also introduced a new member to the show, his granddaughter Kimberly Palmer, who is a talented photographer.  The show took place in May of 2010.  The following year in May 2011, the trio returned to the White Silo exhibiting their art and photography.

Angelo is always planning new exhibits as well as shows.  Future dates are posted under the “Events” tab on his website.  Also, if you are interested in any of his paintings which are regularly posted to this site and would like to speak with Angelo personally for business or media inquires, or to simply purchase a painting, please check the “contact” tab.

DAD NYC 2011


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